Borrower Attorney Basic Training in 3 Parts

Part 1:  Configure Portal Access

This video will show you how to setup your Portal account and create user accounts for other firm users.  If you already have access to the Portal and do not need to setup additional accounts, skip to Attorney Basic Training Video #2:  Using docUmods to prepare paperwork packages.  

Part 2: Prepare Paperwork Using docUmods

Prepare your clients package the easy way.  docUmods will provide you will all the required documents.  You just need to print the documents and have your client sign the competed forms.   

Part 3: Portal Submission

Learn how to submit your completed paperwork package to the Servicer.  

Other Training Topics

Messaging and Notification System

Learn how to send and receive messages using the Portal's built in communications platform.   Communicate with all parties using the Portal messaging center.  Keep on top of each case with the History and Notification system.

Get Organized With Labels

Learn how to create labels and then flag the cases of your choosing with your newly created custom labels. 

Tutorial:  Create New User Accounts

Create accounts for members of your organization.

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