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If your Servicing company has been named in a court order or your attorney has advised you that you need to register an account on the DMM Loss Mitigation Web Portal, the following information will outline what the Portal does and what you need to know to successfully register your account and get started.  

What is the DMM Portal? 

The DMM Portal is a document management and communications platform that many courts across the United States use as part of their Bankruptcy and Loss Mitigation programs.

Loss Mitigation cases are submitted from the Borrower or Borrower’s Attorney directly to the Servicer using the DMM Portal process.  

Tools are also provided to the Servicer enabling them to process borrower cases from the initial submission all the way to the final decision.  This includes the ability to grant an attorney access to the case information and documents.  

All the parties involved in a case such as attorneys, mediators, and court representatives are automatically connected with one another and can share documents and send messages to each other using the Portal system.  

Servicer Registration

The following directions will assist you with registration and make sure you have satisfied the registration requirements of the court order.  Please note that the program might differ slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 



  Register Online

  1. Visit
  2. Click Create An Account
  3. Choose Servicers on the Account Type drop-down menu
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to complete your Servicer registration.   

Once you have completed the basic online registration, your account will be in Pending Status.


   Download Registration Form

In order to complete your registration and have your account activated, you will need to download, complete, and email us the Servicer Registration Form.

   Servicer Registration Form:  Download Here 

Upload the completed Servicer Registration Form along with any additional documentation (see next step) to


   Provide Additional Documentation (optional)

When a debtor’s attorney selects your company as their mortgage servicer, the DMM Portal will automatically display the required documents and forms they must submit in order to participate in the loss mitigation mediation program.

*It is not required to provide additional documents.  Most Servicers simply use our default paperwork package. 

The following documents are included in the default paperwork package:

  • Mortgage Assistance Application Form 710
  • Uniform Borrower Assistance From
  • HAMP Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA)
  • Financial Statement
  • IRS Form 4506-T
  • Dodd Frank Certification
  • Borrower Authorization
  • Government Monitoring Data
  • Hardship Letter

The DMM Portal will customize the list of supporting income documentation needed based on the household income profile provided by the debtor’s attorney.

Please provide any additional proprietary forms or instructions not listed above to be added to the paperwork package. The DMM Web Portal will automatically make those forms available to the borrower’s attorney upon their selection of the servicer.


   Email Registration Form & Documentation 

Email the completed Servicer Registration Form, any additional documents for the borrower, and instructions to



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