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Default Attorney - New User Guide
Default Attorney - New User Guide

Learn how to connect with your clients and process borrower accounts using the DMM Web Portal.

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General Information

The following information will help you understand the Portal process as well as how to assist your client (the Servicer) with loss mitigation cases submitted to them via the Web Portal.

The Portal Process

Cases are submitted directly from the Borrower’s Attorney to the Servicer via the Portal process. Once the case has been submitted to the Servicer, the Servicer can assign a Default Attorney if they choose. Once assigned to a case, the Default Attorney will be able to review the borrower’s case information and documents as well as communicate with any of the involved parties on behalf of the Servicer.

Your User Account

All Servicers and Default Attorneys must have their own accounts on the DMM Portal. When registering on the Portal as a Default Attorney, make sure you indicate during the registration process that you represent “creditors”.

Accessing Cases

In order to review cases via your Portal interface, the Servicer must first assign the case to your firm. This is a two-step process initiated by the Servicer:

  1. Add Default Attorney to Servicer company profile. 

  2. Assign individual borrower record to Default Attorney.

Note:  If you cannot locate a case or the Servicer is having trouble assigning your firm, it is typically because your firm has not been configured correctly on the Servicer’s Profile.

If the Servicer you are representing is having problems assigning the case to your firm, kindly provide them with the following instructions:

Reviewing Cases

Once a case has been assigned to your firm, you can simply login to the Portal and click the borrower’s name. This will open the Borrower Information Page. This page will contain all the borrower’s data, documents and case information. You will be able to communicate with your client (the Servicer) as well as the borrower or borrower’s attorney during the entire Portal process.

DMM Portal Training

Every month DMM hosts a training webinar for Servicers and Default Attorneys. If you want to attend, you can view information about the webinar and sign up Here

You can also access our collection of instructional videos and a recording of one of our past monthly training webinars by visiting our Video Tutorials page.





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