Private Portal Demos

Private demos typically last around 1 hour and there will be plenty of time for open discussion and asking questions.

The topics and subjects covered are customized for your specific Portal user type.

(A Borrower Attorney Demo will cover a different set of topics than a demo for Servicers and Default Attorneys).

Before You Request a Demo ...

Before scheduling a private demo, we ask that you participate in the monthly live training session first if possible. The exact same information and topics are covered in both the monthly live session and our private demonstrations.

If you are unable to attend the monthly session or the next session is not scheduled for several days or weeks, please feel free to contact us and request a private session.

Scheduling the Session

Private demo sessions can be one-on-one or with other members of your organization as a group. When requesting a demo, please include the number of attendees, each attendees' email address, and the date and time you would like to schedule for. We will let you know if we have an open slot for the date and time requested.

Before the demo, we will reach out to you for a quick conversation so we can get an idea on how you are currently using the Portal and your level of experience. This will help us tailor the demo specifically for you and your organization.

You are welcome to send us questions before hand or request that we cover specific topics in greater detail.

To schedule a private demo, please contact the DMM Support Desk at or call (859) 663-2933.

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