Update Portal Email Address

When logging into the Portal, you will always login using the email address listed on your DMM Portal profile.  You are able to update this email address at anytime.  

To Update:

  1. Login to the DMM Web Portal
  2. Click Profile > My Profile
  3. Update the email field with your new address
  4. Enter your current Portal password
  5. Click Save.

Please note that you must enter your password in the box provided and click Save to update any of information on your Portal Profile Page.  Closing the Portal Profile Page without entering your current password will result in the loss of any changes or updates made to your profile.  

The profile menu is located in the upper right corner:

When making changes to Profile > My Profile, you must enter your current password and click save as shown below:



If you need further assistance or have any additional questions, please contact the DMM Support Desk.  Email Support at support@defaultmitigation.com or contact us by phone at (800) 481-1013.

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