The Default Attorney cannot upload the Servicer's borrower document package.  


Providing the Loss Mitigation Paperwork Package

We gather the forms and documents (the Loss Mitigation Paperwork Package) when the Servicer first registers.  We do not activate the account and mark the Servicer "live" on the Portal until we have the paperwork package.  This way, when the borrower is submitting their case and selects a particular Servicer, the document package is already available for the borrower to download right away. 

Keep in mind that a Servicer is not "required" to provide any borrower documents when registering and most of them don't.  Most Servicers simply use our default package as it typically contains all the documents and forms that will be needed.

Any forms or documents added after a Servicer has registered can be emailed to our support desk and a DMM Portal representative will add them to the Servicer's profile.

Default Paperwork Package 

Borrowers and their attorneys will be requested to provide the DMM Web Portal’s standard documentation

  • Borrower Authorization
  • Uniform Borrower Assistance Form (if GSE loan)
  • IRS 4506-T
  • Dodd-Frank Certification
  • Proof of Income (based on borrower’s income sources)

Note:  While not in the above list, borrowers are also required to provide financial forms, bank statements, tax returns, and other supplemental documentation as part of their paperwork package.  We provide the borrower with instructions for all forms and any other required documentation they are to include.

Updating an Existing Paperwork Package

To provide a new or updated form(s) to be included in the package for the borrower, please email the form as an email attachment to  All forms need to be in PDF Format with a file-size less than 5 Megabytes.  

Servicer Information

DMM can provide you with the details regarding the existing paperwork package, the organization's company setup and profile, or the Servicer's Portal configuration upon request.


If you need further assistance or have any additional questions, please contact the DMM Support Desk.  Email Support at or contact us by phone at (800) 481-1013.

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