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Why are the expenses way too much on the Financial Statement? ( docUmods )
Why are the expenses way too much on the Financial Statement? ( docUmods )

The expenses are off by hundreds or even thousands of dollars

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Tracking Down Mistakes in docUmods

You've completed a docUmods application, double checked the numbers, but the expenses are still off by hundreds or even thousands of dollars... How do you track down the issue?


When the expenses are off by a significant amount, the issue usually boils down to the monthly mortgage payment.


Many times the mortgage payment will be included as part of the bankruptcy payment. If the total amount for the monthly mortgage payment is also entered on the expenses section, you are essentially listing it twice.


If the mortgage payment is included in bankruptcy payment, you will need to enter $0 for the monthly mortgage payment in the expenses section.

On the docUmods application, click on the Household Info > Bankruptcy section. Double check the amount entered for the Bankruptcy Payment.

Next you will need to check the value entered on Household Expenses > Mortgage(s) Primary Residence > Mortgage Payment. Change this value to $0 if it is already included in the Bankruptcy Payment.

Make sure you click Save and Continue to save the changes. Anytime you make a change in a docUmods application, the forms will update automatically.

You can now go to the Get My Docs page, check the values, and reprint the appropriate forms.





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