Unregistered Portal Servicers

If the Servicer you are looking for does not appear on the Active Servicers page or drop-down menu when trying to submit a case, this simply means that the Servicer has not yet established an account on the DMM Portal and you cannot submit the case at this time.

What to do next:

You could take the issue up with the judge but we do not recommend that you do this as your first course of action. As a matter of fact, we recommend bringing the issue up to the judge as a last resort only. Most of the time, a simple phone call to the Servicer or their attorney (even better) will solve the problem. Just explain to them that you are attempting to submit a case through the DMM Web Portal and they need to establish an account.

In most situations, the Servicer will be required to create an account. This depends on the bankruptcy jurisdiction. You can look on the court order (if you have one) and see if they are required to create a DMM Portal account within so many days. If they are, you can kindly point this out to them.


If you need further assistance or have any additional questions, please contact the DMM Support Desk. Email Support at support@defaultmitigation.com or contact us by phone at (800) 481-1013.

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