Does each Servicer require a different set of forms?


Yes, every Servicer will have their own list of required forms and documents. Keep in mind however, most Servicers simply elect to use the default paperwork package (standard package).

**You can view the standard default paperwork package HERE.


How do you know which documents and forms to submit?


There are (3) ways to determine which documents a particular Servicer requires.

Method #1: docUmods

docUmods is like TurboTax for loan modifications. You just have to answer some basic questions and docUmods prepares the entire document package for you. The paperwork package is customized depending on whom you select as the Servicer and how you answer the questions within the docUmods application.

*You must have a registered Portal account in order to use docUmods.

To start a new docUmods application:

  1. Go to

  2. Under Existing Users, login with your email and password

  3. On the Main Toolbar, click docuMods > Start New

Method #2: Servicer Requirement Tool

  1. Go to

  2. Under Existing Users, login with your email and password

  3. On the Main Toolbar, click Tools > Servicer Requirements

  4. Read the Notice and check the "I understand and agree" box.

  5. On the Servicer Requirements page, provide the information requested.

  6. Click the Show Requirements Button to display the required document list.

Method #3: During Case Submission (Add Borrower Process)

If the court in your jurisdiction does not require you to use docUmods AND you elect not to use it anyway (not recommended), you can get a list of required documents during the submission process.

Required Steps:

  1. Click the Add Borrower Button on the Main Toolbar

  2. Select the "I need to complete the Borrower Package" option

  3. Select the "I Am Not Required and Do Not Want to Use docUmods" option

  4. Answer all remaining on-screen questions

  5. Complete the Questionnaire page

  6. The How To Apply page will provide you with the blank forms and instructions.





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