Users should NOT need to enter a Temporary ID Code on each login attempt. Users experiencing this issue are prompted to receive a Temporary ID Code each and every time they attempt a Portal login.

Users should only be prompted to enter a Temporary ID Code periodically. After a successful login with a Temporary ID Code, users should be able to login to the Portal with their email and password only.


The DMM Portal has determined that the user is attempting to login from a different computer or physical location than the last time the user logged in.


If you are logging in from the same computer each time and you are not sharing your login credentials with anyone else, you will not be required to enter the code each time. You also must not be browsing in any sort of private or hidden browsing mode.

To avoid having to enter a Temporary ID Code every time you login:

  1. You must be logging in from the same device as the last time you logged in. If the last time you logged in, you did so from your PC and now you are logging in with your laptop or phone, you will have to enter the ID code every time.

  2. Your co-workers or other members of your organization should each have their own login credentials. Multiple different users should not be logging in with the same credentials as anyone else.

  3. Your browser must not be set to any sort of private browsing or invisible modes. You will be required to enter a Temporary ID code if the Portal cannot determine the device and location you are logging in from is the same as your last successful login.





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