When attempting to login to the Portal, the user is not receiving the Temporary Identification Code email.


  1. The email with the Temporary Identification Code is being caught by a SPAM filter and is ending up in your SPAM or Junk Folder.  

  2. Your email address is on the DMM Portal's no-send list

  3. Your organization has a filter that has caught the email before it reaches your inbox.


SPAM & Junk Folder

Check your Junk and SPAM folders to see if the email with the code is ending up there.  Try doing an email search in your inbox to see if you can determine where the Temporary Identification Code email ended up.  

To assist you with your search:
     Email Sender:
     Email Subject:  Your Requested Online Identification Code

Note:  You can right click any message in your Junk and SPAM folders and mark it as "Not SPAM", "Not Junk" etc.

If you cannot locate the Temporary ID Code email, continue to the next section.

Organizational Filters & No-Send List

At this point, you will need to contact the DMM Support Desk, let them know that you have checked your Junk and SPAM folder and cannot locate the Temporary Identification Code.  

If for some reason, your email has been added to the no-send list, the DMM Web Portal will not send any more emails to your address.  There are a variety of reasons why you might end up on the no-send list.  A DMM Portal representative will be able to determine if you have been added to the no-send list or if your organization is filtering the email internally before it reaches your inbox.


Alternative Solutions

Use an Alternate Method to receive the Temporary Identification Code such as the Phone or Text options.  

CLICK HERE to see the Temporary Identification Code article for more information.  


If you are logging in from the same computer each time and you are not sharing your login credentials with anyone else, you will not be required to enter the code each time.

If you are prompted to enter a Temporary Identification Code every time you login, CLICK HERE to learn how to avoid this issue.





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